Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree


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H239-275cm Cactus Cat Tree Floor to Ceiling for Indoor Cat 5-level Adjustable Tall Tower Natural Thicken Scratching Post Hummock
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1.Cat Tree with Adjustable Height: The whole cat tree consists of 5 levels push-covered platforms, distance from every 2 platforms is 17.9 inches, the tension rod on the top can be adjusted to a preferred height from high to low(94-108 Inches) to accommodate room ceiling. Don’t fret about your feline being up so high because this cat tree has an adjustable spring at the top, which keeps it stable between your floors and ceiling, for a tip-free, stable environment.

2.Modern Design: This 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower with 3.5” thick poles covered with green natural sisal rope and carpet, cactus shape stimulates the interest of cats and adds richness to the home’s décor, it provides a basket for lounging, keeping a lookout or taking a sweet snooze.

3.Designed for Cats’ Natural Instinct: Cats are fond of climbing to high places out of natural, the height of this cat tree is all the way expanding to your ceiling, cats will feel joyful to get to the highest spot in the house; Cats are born to be hunters, sisal covered scratching posts and dangling ball will allow them to sharpen their claws and practice their hunting skills. When lazy hour comes, kittens can rest, perch and napping on the plush platforms and hammock.

4.Accommodate Multiple Cats: It features multi-platforms for exercise and variety of places for leisure, such as the funny acrylic nest, you can see exactly how your baby sleeps. This multi-level cat tower has room for two to three of your pretty kitties to play at the same time.

5.Appropriate to increase the range of activities of some longitudinal surface, both to expand the cat’s activity space can also better consume the cat’s energy.

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