Cat Scratcher Cat House


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This Cat Scratch Box House doubles as a furniture protector providing sufficient stretching and rest space for your furry friends. Durable and sturdy, it suits families with cats who love to scratch. Say goodbye to damaged furniture and hello to happy cats with this functional scratch house.

Product name: Cat Scratcher Box
Product material: corrugated paper+density board
Product size: about 48 * 24 * 24cm/18.9 * 9.4 * 9.4in
Applicable type: Helps prevent scratches and damage to your furniture. Cat Bell Ball, entertain oneself, soothe the soul, and unleash the nature of cats

Packing List:
Cat Scratcher Box * 1

Additional information

Weight 4.55 kg
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 13 cm


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