Cat Climbing Wall


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How to Encourage Your Furry Baby to Use Cat Wall Shelves?

* Snacks – The owner can put the cat’s snacks in front of them, and reward with treats when the cat walks forward.
* Toys – The owner can put the cat’s favorite toys on the cat wall, and the cat will climb to play with the toy.
* Laser Pointer – Cats have the nature of chasing bright spots, laser pointer makes them use cat furniture by chasing light spot.
* Catnip – No cat refuse catnip. The owner can sprinkle some catnip on the cat furniture.
Good for Health
The cat wall shelves caters to cats’ habit of climbing, increasing exercise and reducing the chance of obesity, good for health. Besides, it gives cats room to climb and avoid messing up home.

Save Space
The cat wall furniture has ideal size for most cats to sleep or have a nap, its wall mounted design fully use vertical space. In the limited home space, leaving room for cats to rest and play.
Premium Material
The cat shelves is made of natural pine wood, durable and non-toxic, harmless to cats and other pets. The soft fabric is free from odor and color fading, machine washable. It can respond to cats body shape, giving them comfortable hug.
Easy to Assemble
Only takes 4 steps can install the cat shelves and perches for wall, you can easily install it into the wall when you use it.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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