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Stacking Cups Toy For Rabbits

Multi-Colored Reusable Small Animals Puzzle Toy 

–Interesting rabbit toy: It can be placed directly on the outdoor lawn or indoor rabbit cage as a stacked toy rabbit.
–In addition, you can also hide carrots and other food inside, which can make it active for a long time.
–Material safety: made of high-quality plastic, safe and environmentally friendly.

1: Multi color: Fun rabbit stacked cups come in various colors, matte colors make animals feel comfortable and non irritating, looking like a rainbow, which is very attractive. Note: The colors of cups of different sizes are random
2: Easy to stack and hide food: Our rabbit toy has raised edges at the bottom, providing appropriate space to hide food. Just invert the cup and hide the food between each layer to slow down the rabbit’s eating speed
3: Appropriate size: The height of small animal nesting toys is about 13.2 inches/33.5 centimeters, 13.2 inches/33.5 centimeters when inverted, and 3.6 inches/9 centimeters when upright, making storage very convenient.

Applicable animals: rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs, etc

✿【Packing list】
Stacking Cups x 1 set

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Weight 0.142 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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